Answered By: Joelle Maurepas
Last Updated: Sep 30, 2015     Views: 37

We're not quite ready for prime-time yet with our 3d printers.  Spool prices are still moderately high, so, we're not sure what the cost to use these will be outside of demonstrations and library-sponsored programming opportunities.  Another barrier that we're working with is is the state of the printers and the software used to control printers, they tech is still not plug and play.  Finally, to answer whether or not you will you be able to take it home with you:  Unfortunately the answer to this question is No.  These are extremely delicate (and expensive) machines.  We will not be able to check them out to patrons for home use.

After all those no's, let's look at what we are planning: eventually, we are planning to have 3d printers available to the public to use. 

For more information, check out our infoguide on Maker opportunities at EBRPL.

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