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Why does Nook say user not activated when I try to view my epub book?

My nook shows up on ADE & I am able to transfer it onto my Nook, but when I try to open the ebook to read it my nook tells me user not activated. I have tried de-authorizing my ADE and my Nook & then authorizing them again and it still won't work.
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The likely problem is that your Nook came preloaded with an ADE folder on it (why they did this I have no idea) and because of that your ADE program won't recognize it. 

  1. Plug your Nook into your computer
  2. Go to "My Computer" (or the equivalent on your PC or MAC)
  3. Click on the Nook drive 
  4. Find and delete the file ".adobe-digital-editions" (but before deleting, place a copy on your desktop for backup) 
  5. Safely eject and unplug the nook from the computer
  6. Close Adobe Digital Editions 
  7. Restart Adobe Digital Editions
  8. Plug the Nook to the computer
  9. Adobe Digital Editions should display the Nook icon and prompt you to authorize the device.
  10. If not, go back to the Nook drive in "My Computer"
  11. Find and delete the "Digital Editions" file
  12. Close Adobe Digital Editions 
  13. Restart Adobe Digital Editions
  14. Adobe Digital Editions should display the Nook icon and prompt you to authorize the device. 
  15. Authorize the device.
  16. You can transfer books now!

I hope this helps! Please call us at (225) 231-3750 for further assistance.

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